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Saga #6600 8593851026

Sale price$380 USD

The heart of the Saga pen is the clever ball-lock mechanism; it's simple and elegant to use for those who know how, yet it can be quite a puzzle to the unseasoned user. Once you have unlocked the secret you might find it impossible to put down, and happy to write your own saga with this little piece of engineering art.

  • Titanium Body, Clip and Tip
  • Blue to Ice Blue Fade Anodized Body, Clip and Tip
  • Ice Blue Anodized Helix Slider 
  • No Grimsmo Logo on the Tip
  • 17- 4PH H900 Stainless Mechanism with Si3N4 Ceramic Bearing Balls
  • SCHMIDT P900F Black Ink Cartridge with an extra Blue Cartridge
  • Nanuk x Grimsmo Algonquin Green Carrying Case
  • Custom Lasered Foam Insert
  • Grimsmo V2 Pocket Book included