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Our Story


After starting in his garage in 2008, John Grimsmo became a self-taught CNC machinist. With lots of encouragement from his wife, Meg, he dedicated one day a week to making knives and documenting the process on YouTube, and he called this series "Knife Making Tuesday". It wasn't too long before John's brother Erik partnered with him. 5 years later they hired their first employee. Now this Canadian business has grown to 13 people and 1 dog, and shows no signs of stopping. John hopes to be an inspiration for anyone going into manufacturing, and encourages everyone to "just start". The company's Full-Grimsmo philosophy pushes him to pursue perfection in everything he does.


If you are interested in purchasing one of our products, you can sign up to be added our Maker's Choice List by visiting the "Purchasing Info" page. Signing up will add you to a list of people who are interested in buying one of our products and, if your name is randomly selected when a product is completed, you will be able to buy it. 

Thank you for your interest in Grimsmo Knives and our story! We love hearing from other machinists and knife makers, as well as the broader community, so feel free to stay connected by subscribing to our YouTube channel, and following Grimsmo Knives on Instagram. We post content very regularly on both platforms, and do our best to reply to lots of comments!