We wanted to mix it up when hitting a big milestone. It all started with a great idea by our team to not only do one special Norseman, but four.

How Did It Start?

 What’s Different?

At the core of these special knives is the exclusive “Lost at sea” pattern, which was inspired by a Nordic wave design. Pairing old with new, we made the display handle from C63000 Nickel Aluminum Bronze, a material often used on seaworthy vessels today. These handles will gently patina over time and will help to achieve a sunken ship feel!

Let’s see all four of them!

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 On the inside of the display handle of all four Norseman, there is a unique design of a Nordic inspired ship.

With knives like these, a Damascus blade just makes sense. We decided to utilize a rose Damasteel pattern.

All four knives will come with brass spacers and thumbstud installed. This will help match the patina with the handle which will look amazing! However we will be providing matching anodized titanium replacements of these parts for you to be able to match the body screws if desired.

Additionally, we used a different material for our bearing cages. Instead of our standard black machined Delrin, we manufactured these really cool semi-transparent ULTEM bearing cages to help match the theme. 

A Special Home

Putting these very special knives in our regular plastic cases just felt wrong. So we had a little help from an old pal Jo. He made these incredible wooden boxes. Each box has a different set of Nordic runes, each telling their own story.

Inside these boxes you will find your standard set of included items with our Norseman. The required tools and oil to maintain the knife. A Grimsmo sticker and a special certificate of authenticity detailing the specs of each individual knife. We also made a special edition all black foam to match.
To make sure these cases arrive safely, we will be shipping these inside of a Nanuk 909 case. With a premium collection such as this, comes a premium home to hold them in.

How Do I Get One?

We will be auctioning off these four knives individually. We will be auctioning #4000-4 first and #4000-1 last. The schedule will be as follows;

All auctions will start and end at noon EST.

Friday January 14th - Sunday January 16th. [Norseman #4000-4] - ENDED

Friday January 21st - Sunday January 23rd. [Norseman #4000-3]

Friday January 28th - Sunday January 30th. [Norseman #4000-2]

Friday February 4th - Sunday February 6th. [Norseman #4000-1]

The starting price of these knives will be $1,500 USD and the bid increments will be $50. Once the auction is closed, the highest bidder will have 48 hours to check out or the next highest bidder will win automatically.

All of the auctions will be held directly on the product pages.