Saga Pen


We just recently launched our latest product: the Saga pen! We started designing and prototyping the Saga in March 2018, and were able to sell our first couple dozen at Blade Show 2018 in June. Now that it has been refined and reworked by Angelo and John, it is ready to be added to our official repertoire of products. If you're interested in learning more about the creation of the Saga, be sure to tune into our Saga Saturday videos on YouTube

A typical pen is unremarkable and easily overlooked. The Saga does not fit this description. The heart of the Saga pen is the clever ball-lock mechanism; it's simple and elegant to use for those who know how, yet it can be quite a puzzle to the unseasoned user. We encourage you to challenge yourself to work out its operation on your own. Once you have unlocked the puzzle you might find it impossible to put down, and happy to write your own saga with this little piece of engineering art.

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