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The Norseman

About the Norseman

Norseman means "Man of the North", which fits our family's Norwegian heritage very well. This folding knife has a uniquely shaped blade designed for usability and precision, which is known for its quality throughout the world.

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Norseman Specs:

All components are custom manufactured and meticulously finished by our dedicated team in our Canadian facility.

  • 3 5/8" long recurve tanto blade
  • Blade thickness .125
  • Handle thickness .125
  • RWL 34 martensitic stainless steel blade - by Damasteel in Sweden.
  • Damasteel DS93X martensitic stainless damascus patterned steel - by Damasteel in Sweden.
  • CPM 154 Crucible, Made in USA
  • Heat treated in house to 60-61HRC and cryogenically treated for an excellent combination of edge retention and toughness.
  • CNC machined blade bevels.
  • 6Al-4V Grade 5 Titanium handles, clip, spacers, and screws (4-40 thread).
  • 17-4PH H900 pivot and pivot screw (6-64 thread)  hardened to 45HRC.
  • T9 Torx on all screws.
  • AEB-L stainless steel lock bar insert heat treated to 58-59HRC.
  • Black delrin bearing cages with 1/16" green ultra precision grade 3 ceramic bearing balls.
  • 1/16" green ultra precision grade 3 ceramic detent ball, flattened and polished.


Grimsmo Norseman with Carbon Fiber Inlays


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