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The Saga Pen

About the Saga Pen

A typical pen is unremarkable and easily overlooked. The Saga does not fit this description. The heart of the Saga pen is the clever ball-lock mechanism; it's simple and elegant to use for those who know how, yet it can be quite a puzzle to the unseasoned user. Once you have unlocked the secret you might find it impossible to put down, and happy to write your own saga with this little piece of engineering art.

Nearly every component is meticulously manufactured by our Canadian team, with only the 2 springs, 3 ceramic balls, and the ink refill being made by expert suppliers.

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Saga Specs:

  • 4.92" long (unclicked)
  • 0.375" diameter tube and tip.
  • 29g weight for the all Titanium version.  Around 39g for Copper or Bronze.
  • 17-4PH H900 stainless steel used for the button and threaded sleeve.
  • Si3N4 Grade 3 Ceramic Bearing Balls
  • 6Al-4V Grade 5 Titanium pocket clip.
  • Various materials used for the Slider, Tube, and Tip, such as 6AL-4V Titanium, Copper and Nickel Aluminum Bronze.  
  • Various finishes and surface textures are used to accentuate each component. Anodizing, tumbling, polishing, brushing, machined finishes, etc are all expertly applied to provide just the right amount of reflection or absorption of light.
  • Designed for Schmidt P900 F (fine) or P9000 M (medium) Parker Style G2 ballpoint pen ink refill.


Saga Pen Mechanisms, with bronze and anodized titanium sliders


Follow the journey to see how these pens are manufactured through our YouTube series Saga Saturdays.  Episode 01 aired in 2018, and we've gone into great detail in every episode!


Check out our Saga Inventory page to see if stock is available now!