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Grimsmo Pocket Books

Version 2 of our Pocket Books are here!



Our Pocket Books now have refreshed design! This artwork relates back to John and Erik's Nordic heritage, with the longship crashing through the waves on a stormy night. We love these new designs and we hope you do too!



Once again these Pocket Books have the version number on the back with the print date for the added Grimsmo touch.

A special thank you to Sam Mayle for the artwork. You can check out more of his work here!


How It Started


We are so excited to share with you our Grimsmo Pocket Book!

Click here to visit the product page.

There is just something so satisfying about crossing something off a list. The entire team here at Grimsmo uses Pocket Books on a daily basis, so it was time to make our own. These books are 3.5 inches x 5 inches for the optimal carrying size! We also included a "V1" and production date stamp on the back design to let you know exactly which batch it came from for some extra Grimsmo flair. We will also be including 1 of these Pocket Books with every single Saga purchase moving forward!

Scout Books

We figured we can't make a beautiful pen without something to use along side it. So we teamed up with Scout Books in Portland, OR & our talented designer Premo! If you would like to learn more about Scout Books you can find more here!

Scout Books' Website

Of course we had to go Full Grimsmo and do custom numbered logo pages!

 Meet Premo!


Check out Premo here!

We asked Premo a few questions about the project and here is what he had to say!

 Q. What was it like designing something like this pocket book that would be in the hands of such a unique community?

A: "It’s an absolute honor! To see these end up in the hands of people who have chosen to invest in likely the highest quality knives/pens on the market is truly humbling. Do a design for Grimsmo?? Yeah no pressure or anything. "

Q. What are some of your favourite aspects of your design?

A. "I loved the Nordic draw here. The shield aspect was important to convey “strong” like the journal you’re writing in is your safe place to write your story, your thoughts, ideas and to do list."

Q. Tell us about how you came up with this design?

A. "Obviously I wanted to capture the knives/pen well in illustration form and it was important to be accurate to the original as I know Grimsmo is known for precision. Designing this I thought of a guarded fortress. The thought of a person carrying this as a business owner spoke to me. An entrepreneurs to do list, ideas and ramblings are essential to the creative process."

Q. What are some of the things that make your design process different? What makes you stand out?

A. "Most designers these days are computer based using Adobe illustrator or other vector programs. Some others are entirely ink and paper. I wanted to do something in between and draw everything by hand and feel my art but also bring it into the digital age. That’s why I use a Apple Pencil and iPad Pro coupled with a program called procreate that allows me to literally put my pen down and draw what comes to mind, just like the old days."

Q. What was it like working with a brand like Grimsmo?

A. "Well first off, y’all are as kind as they come. Maybe it’s because you’re Canadian?! All I know is that you gave me the freedom to do my art. It’s hard to believe that such a high end successful company with such a huge following worked with me just like any of the hundreds of other small businesses I’ve worked for. It was an honor!"