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If you would like to purchase a Grimsmo Knife or Pen, you have come to the right place! New products are being created every day, so sign up for one of the Product Interest Lists linked below, and be patient. If your name is selected after filling out the Product Interest Form, here is what you will receive:


You’ve been selected for Buyers' Choice!


What is Buyers' Choice?


Buyers' Choice is where you are given the choice to build your knife or pen from our available options. Options that are changeable include: Handle Pattern, Handle Anodizing, Hardware Anodizing, Blade type and finish. Special materials like Inlays, Damasteel, and Timascus will be offered as they are available.


You’ve been selected for our Curated Collection!


What is the Curated Collection?


Once a product has completed rigorous quality control and is deemed amazing, it then goes into its Curated Collection. The Curated Collection works by picking a selection of individual emails for the day and generating a unique passcode for that group. You then enter your passcode to view the collection. The people who've also been selected will see the same collection you do, so if you see a product you like, we recommend you act fast!
If you have been selected, you will remain on the list and do not have to sign up again. You may also contact if you no longer wish to be on any of the lists anymore at any time.

We highly recommend you add to your preferred email list to avoid winning emails going to your spam folder.