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Have questions about our knives, gear, how to make a purchase, and more? You've come to the right place!

Our Intended Use?
Our products are designed to be precision instruments & in turn they are to be used as such. Our quality control team puts these products through a series of tests to ensure they will stand up to rigorous daily use.


The knives on your website always say "Sold Out", how do I buy one? 
New knives are being created every day, so sign up for our Maker's Choice List and be patient. The other way to get some of our products are the inventory. We randomly update the inventories so you might get lucky and snag some! We have a separate sign up form for both our Norseman, and Rask.

We also host product drops on our inventory pages which are announced on our Instagram Page! At the moment, we are only doing Saga drops so if you are interested keep an eye out there!


How do I cancel my order?
As long as the order has not shipped yet, please email us at and we will cancel the order and issue you a full refund. We also ask that you do not issue a chargeback on the order before cancelling, we will always fully refund any order if requested and you will receive the refund faster if you email us first! Returns will also be refunded in full.
What is Guide Shipping Protection?
Guide Shipping Protection is an optional service that Grimsmo Knives now offers on all orders made through our online store. Guide provides protection for shipments that are damaged, lost, or stolen. Guide can be added to your cart at checkout to enable protection. Please visit to learn more.
Can I send my knife in for SPA treatment?
We currently are not offering sharpening or anodization services. However if this changes we will make an announcement and instructions on how it works!
What is the Product Interest Signup Form?
When you put your name on the Product Interest Signup List by filling out the form, it gets added to a list of other people who are interested in purchasing a knife or pen. You will receive 1 of 2 different options, Buyers' Choice, or a Curated Collection invitation. More info here!
What happens if I lose hardware on my knife?
No problem at all! Just email us at and we will give you the instructions you need to get a replacement.
Do you have any certified resellers or dealers?
No, we are only selling our products directly through our online store.
I managed to buy a knife, how long does it take to ship?
Congratulations, we hope and feel you'll love it. Also, THANK YOU for your business! These knives are coming from Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada. We usually give a tracking number within one or two business days, and from there it takes about 4 - 8 business days to Canada or the US. If the knife is being shipped internationally, it usually takes between 1 - 4 weeks. If there are any delays or extended shipping times, please reach out to us at


My order is stuck in customs, what do I do?
We do sometimes see orders get stuck processing in customs. We make sure all parcels leave with all the proper documents for the item to clear. Once an item has been presented to customs, there is nothing the sender, receiver or the postal service can do to intervene. If there are any issues we will be notified and will step in to help!
What is your Warranty Policy?
View our commitment here! More details coming soon.
Where are your knives made?
Stoney Creek, which is just outside of Toronto in Ontario (Canada).


Can I get a custom knife made?
We are not taking custom orders at this time.
Where can I see more pictures or get more information about your work?
We have a bunch of social media profiles with photos, videos, and information about Grimsmo knives that you can follow or subscribe to. This will help you dig deep into our history, or get caught up to where we're at in the present day. Here are the specific ways you can follow our work: 
Subscribe to JohnGrimsmo Youtube
Listen to the Business of Machining Podcast on all listening platforms


What shows do you normally attend?  Where can I see you and your knives?
We go to the Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia, which is in June every year. You might also see us at various machine shows throughout Canada (where we live), and the US.  


How many people are on your team?
We currently are a team of 12 people.


Why do you share so much information on your videos and Instagram?  Aren't you afraid someone is going to copy your work?
We have a very detailed process to make each of our knives, and this is what makes them so unique (and difficult to copy). The other side of why we share so much information is that we love the world of machining and the EDC industry, and we want as many people as possible to get involved in their own unique way! John is a self-taught machinist, so he knows that there is a steep learning curve upon getting into the industry, and he wants to help those fans of our brand get started on their own work. We hope that you get excited to see all the work that went into our product, and that you learn something from it too. Our Podcast and Youtube channel (mentioned above) are great resources. 


What is it that makes your knives so unique? 
We care less about popularity, and more about making the best product possible at any cost and time commitment. This is why we invest so much of our time and money into Grimsmo Knives and the perfection of our product, and never settle for less. We believe that customers support our business because they appreciate the attention to detail that we give to each one of our knives, and investment (financially and mentally) in upholding the name we've made for ourselves. After all, the Grimsmo name is literally at stake if we don't always relentlessly pursue perfection.
What does the future hold for Grimsmo Knives?

We're always working on new ways to improve, grow, and create new things. In the future, there will definitely be additional knife models, and we even have plans to make flashlights. For now, we continue to perfect our Norseman and Rask models. Our team is growing, and we are always investing in having the best machines in the industry.