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Even though we're technically a manufacturing company, we also like to think of ourselves as a part of a bigger community. Connecting with knife enthusiasts, creatives, and other entrepreneurs, gives us the feeling that we're part of something bigger, and we want to tap into that community as much as possible. This is why we're active on social media, transparent in our work, and put the time and effort into making videos for YouTube and producing our podcast. We hope you decide to stay in touch!


About our YouTube

We started producing videos for our YouTube channel in 2008 because we needed a way to motivate ourselves to make knives. The channel started with our Knife Making Tuesday series, where we showed you the process we went through to make a knife each Tuesday. Eventually, we started to make knives more than one day a week, and release videos on more than just knife making. 


About our Podcast

We started our Podcast, "The Business of Machining", when John Grimsmo and John Saunders (from NYC CNC) realized they both needed an outlet to talk about the everyday struggles, successes, and queries, as an entrepreneur in the machining industry. This podcast is more than just an insight into the world of machining, but also features two great friends who love talking about their passion turned business. 


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