Mini Spinner - Brass Buttons
Mini Spinner - Brass Buttons
Mini Spinner - Brass Buttons
Mini Spinner - Brass Buttons
Grimsmo Knives

Mini Spinner - Brass Buttons

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New spinners!  Brass buttons!  Brass weight!  If they're sold out check back soon, new stock added often. 

I thought it would be cool to make a mini-spinner, something small and fully round that would allow for a very discreet spin.  It doesn't draw attention to itself like most other spinners.  It's a very fun spinner because it's so small, and you can roll it around on anything like you did with your toy cars as a kid.  Being fully round you don't get that wobble that you get with our other bar style spinner, it spins very smoothly and you can easily feel the gyroscopic action that the heavy brass weight creates.  We launched these at Blade Show 2017 and had an incredible response!  As a test, I had many people hold one in their hands while we were having a conversation and they couldn't help but play with it and enjoy fidgeting with it. 

- Solid brass body with Grimsmo logo engraved.
- Brass buttons, 3d machined crosshatch texture gives it an amazing feel.
- Si3N4 lube-free ceramic bearing from Boca Bearing, Abec 7 Grade, only the best for Grimsmo products!
- CNC machined right here at Grimsmo Knives Headquarters.  Proudly Made In Canada! 
- Incredibly well balanced and smooth spinning.
- 1" Diameter,
34 grams.