Testimonials Archive

Here are just some of the things our customers have been saying about us.  These are from a while ago, it's been very busy and we haven't had a chance to keep track of all the positive words lately. 


"Just writing to say that I received your knife. This has been my most wanted knife for several years at this point, and I have to say, it does not disappoint! I know heaps of praise has been thrown at you guys for your mechanical excellence and aesthetically pleasing designs, so it's not like I have anything to say that you haven't heard before, but I still felt it was warranted to thank you for your contribution to the knife industry a a whole, and especially to knife nuts like myself. I think you've definitely set the bar for tolerance and mechanical perfection. This is by far the most I have ever spent on a knife, and I am ecstatic that my name was actually pulled for a maker's choice (I simply would not have been able to afford it on the secondary market), but it was absolutely worth every penny! It carries well, it's surprisingly light weight for such a large knife, and I don't think I can ever be parted from it now" - Anthony


"I just wanted to let you know I am beyond pleased with my knife. The thing that I love most is how effortless it is to disengage the lock. Like there’s no stick, no friction or anything. It moves so easily! It amazes me. The ergonomics of the knife is phenomenal too, I could use it all day and not have any issues. I’ve flipped it at least 1,000 times (seems like it) and there’s no hotspots on my hands from the stud or tab. That’s awesome as well. I just wanted to give you some feedback. I have nothing negative to say! Also, your packaging is top notch as well. I always appreciate good packaging and yours is definitely good" - Luke


"#1691 has arrived sir. My expectations were high. You and your team exceeded them all. Truly beautiful. My next door neighbor is a machinist for Boeing and was floored by your fit, finish and tolerances. Thanks again" - Mark


"Guess what! I got my knife! And it’s amazing. The quality and fit and finish and beyond awesome. The diamond pattern feels really nice. Overall it’s awesome. Thank you thank you!!" - Luke


"1620 has landed! It truly is an amazing work of art.  Never thought I would say this but I'm done knife hunting. Thank you again for your great communication during the postal strike. I'm honored to carry this knife and it will never leave my collection" - Drew


"Just to inform you that I finally got the package today. The Knife is simply magnificent. I hope to buy another one in silver finish in the future.Thank you for your kindness and excellent Customer care! Best regards from Italy!" - Manrico


"Well, I have now finally had my first experience with personally handling and operating a real live Norseman.  That is one awesomely sweet action that you have perfected.  I have never experienced anything like it and I cannot even imagine any possible way to improve on it" - David


"Just received Norseman #1569 here in South Texas today, and I wanted to share my first impressions.   My levels of expectation and anticipation were extremely high as a longtime follower of your YouTube channel; nonetheless, this amazing piece has exceeded those lofty expectations. You, Eric and the rest of the Grimsmo Team have earned a customer and fan for life in me with your pursuit of perfection" - Craig


" I just got my knife in.  I gotta say, this is the best knife I have ever felt.  The action on it is incredible!  I always knew there was hype around this knife, but this thing has exceeded my expectations.  Thanks again for everything.  Keep making great knives!" - Tim


"I recently received Norseman #1505 - my first Norseman direct from you guys - and I just wanted to thank everyone at Grimsmo for making such a wonderful product. The knife is so perfect it honestly can’t be put into words. I feel like I have to become a better person for the privilege to carry it around.  I’ve been following your Saga series and I’ve watched countless videos from Blade about the pen. I would really like to pick one up when they become available" - Greg


"I have watched you guys for quite a while and you are the reason I decided to take a leap of faith and start my own business. I felt like I connected with you guys and John Saunders so well because of your perspective on things and your passion behind what you do" - Kelly


"Wanted to say thank you for all the inspiration you've given me. Whether it be on your YouTube channel, Instagram feed, or the Business of Machining Podcast, I find myself continually inspired to keep trying to build a business for myself. CNC machinist by day and patch maker by night!" - Ben


My levels of expectation and anticipation were extremely high as a longtime follower of your YouTube channel; nonetheless, this amazing piece has exceeded those lofty expectations. You, Eric and the rest of the Grimsmo Team have earned a customer and fan for life in me with your pursuit of perfection. Perhaps true perfection evades us as humans, but nobody can deny the excellence which now finds its home in my pocket" - Craig 


"Thanks again SOOO much for my#1499 Norseman!!! I've had it now for nearly a fortnight and the spine tingles and butterflies in the stomach every time I look at it haven't worn off yet. Needles to say it hasn't left my side yet and it's always within arms reach. Man this thing is a piece of engineering magic, its form, fit and function are absolutely amazing and unparalleled by anything else I have in my collection that may be considered as grail knives" - Arthur


"Awesome, thank you so much! . I can't describe how amped I am to finally own MY own Norseman, Yeah Baby!!! Sooo pleased to join the Grimsbro family and own a piece of engineering brilliance. Great work lads and many thanks for the many years of pleasure this knife will bring me and the immeasurable pride of ownership that comes with possessing a piece of the Grimsmo Legend. YAY ME!!!!" - Arthur


"Awesomely perfect. Will I ever be able to put it down?" - Richard


"I love it. It's amazing. Feels so nice in hand. It's perfect. Would you thank everyone on the team on my behalf? I appreciate it so much. Have a great weekend! On a side note. That shimmer in the light is crazy. What a beauty" - Patrick


"This friggin knife is such a joy. I play with it all the time. I carry it everyday. I use it when I need a knife. It’s no pocket queen" - Andrew


"I decided to jump into the knife community with both feet and after really pounding my head against the wall on what knife I should buy for my first, I knew yours was always the one that was at the top. I’ve been watching the transformation of you and your brother's business over the course of the last three years and this made the decision easy. The knife is very attractive in many different ways, it’s completely 100% user friendly and takes little to no effort to deploy the blade.Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you guys put into your knives and the Norseman will forever be known to me as my first knife I ever bought" - Jonathon 


"First of all, I was ecstatic when I was drawn for a Norseman, and I just received it today. I’ve got to say I love the knife! I'm just in awe while holding it. It’s possibly the best folder I’ve ever owned. It’s still sinking in how I’ll cherish owning a Canadian made product and I’m proud of that" - Stephen


"Just received my first Norseman and I’m totally amazed. Been collecting and using knives my whole life (61) and everything about this knife takes my breath away. Presentation is very cool. Love how it’s wrapped and stamped. And the operation is great. I look forward to adding more of your knives to my collection. You're a positive energy spirit in a difficult world" - Ira


"Just got my knife and its perfect! I had very high expectations and you guys surpassed them. Just wanted to say thank you and how happy I am to finally have one of your knives." - John


"The first time I ever saw a Norseman in real life, I was like "WOW". I gotta say, it photographs well, but photographs don't do it justice. After seeing one, I really get that the price is well deserved. You guys are the best." - Elliott


"I was a little leary purchasing one without ever handling one, but I am very impressed and pleased. I even like the color more in hand. Thank you for your help and quality product." - Joe


"Hi John, It's Jon. I just wanted to say thanks for the opportunity to purchase one of your precision made bad ass pocket Ulfberht. I've been watching your YouTube channel for years and it's been awesome and inspiring to see what you guys have accomplished. Looking forward to getting Norseman #1104 which I will name Erik Bloodaxe!" - Jon


"I just opened the carton and my first impression was WOW! Beautiful craftsmanship!  I'd always thought my Russian Dr. Death was the smoothest knife I've ever handled, not true any longer, the Norseman wins hands down. I can't imagine a knife smoother that this. It fires like a rocket, locks up bank vault tight and will close with nothing more than the force of gravity. I can't thank you, Erik and the crew enough!" - Mark


"Yes I did get a pen, #24. I haven’t gone a single day without carrying it, it is absolutely the best pen I’ve owned. I already had to change a refill lol" - Pedro


"Thanks John, your knife has managed to make all my other knives look and feel cheap and clunky :( I'm now the proud owner of a Grimsmo Norseman. I can't stop flipping your knife and I have to go to work soon and I know I'm not going to get any sleep before then. I probably won't get anything done at work either because I'll be flipping your knife nonstop. Anyway on a serious note I am very very happy with the knife. Now I want a crazy anodized ti-mascus and damasteel Rask so if you happen to have something like that just laying around, you know just collecting dust because it's so RIDICULOUS nobody wants it, I'll be happy to to take it off your hands!!!😁 Just let me know" - Jon


"Received the knife today.  The blue is perfect and the knife is amazing.  Thank you for the opportunity to own one of your blades" - Donny - 04 - 28 - 2018


"John, Just wanted to let you know that I received the Norseman (#1027). It's priceless, thank you!" - Dennis - 04 - 12 - 2018


"The Norseman arrived safe and sound. I was afraid that I would have developed over inflated expectations from hype and anticipation, but this knife is truly a work of art with amazing tolerances!" - Spencer - 04 - 11 - 2018


 "John, Knife received! I’m absolutely blown away. I’ve had it less than an hour and it’s already my favorite. I really really like this knife. Thanks again! It really is phenomenal. Watching some more of your guys videos right now again actually. I swear I’m not stalker... I’m hoping my name gets pulled up on the Rask list next. Keep making great knives!" - James - 04 - 09 - 2018


"Thanks guys! I appreciate all you guys do for our community.  Keep up the great work, I look forward to checking out your new creations this year! I definitely feel confident you guys are there for your customers. My initial impression were that you guys were very personable and down to earth when I caught you guys at blade last year." - David - 04 - 05 - 2018


"I truly admire your passion, and that you have found a way to produce work that is meaningful to yourself and others. Working based on what comes from within, and not on command under the gaze of an overseer... (Kisses tips of fingers like a stereotypical mafia don cartoon character) it's just something to behold. All the best, and please pass on my thanks to the rest of the team: thank you for doing what you do." - Matthew - 02 - 01 - 2018 


"Last Week I received my Norseman. Oh Boy what can I say: In essence you ruined me for other Knives:-) My Wife is pretty happy though, because now I only want to have a Rask and an additional Norseman with Damasteel and no more other knives. So I had to sign up again;-) I caught the Grimsmo-Virus. The Norseman is the pinnacle of my Collection and I’m so happy to finally have the Norseman. The Machining and the fit and finish is exceptional. I have never handled a more perfect knife. I’m so looking forward to get a Rask! All four of you did an excellent Job. Please give Eric and the Rest of the Team my best regards." - Patrick - 01 - 28 - 2018


"Norseman #846 arrived today. This was the first time that I ever got to even hold a Grimsmo knife. This thing is spectacular, and the packaging is all class. Of all the folders I have collected, this is the single best action I have. I cannot believe that I actually made the Maker’s Choice list. I never seem to win at anything like that. Well, my luck has changed. Thank you and Erik, I am so proud to own a Norseman!" - Bill - 01 - 26 - 2018


"This is just to let you know that my Norseman arrived safely today and I would like to thank you for your kind consideration. I am deeply impressed not only by its hydraulic action but also by the precise fit and finish. Now I am waiting for my name to be pulled for the Rask lottery." - Shigeo - 01 - 22 - 2018


"Norseman #786 came in the mail yesterday and I am absolutely thrilled. I have owned many knives in my life and I have to say this is an incredible design with impeccable execution. I am truly blown away by this knife. There are so many subtle details on this knife that tell me you are very talented as a knife maker and machinist and you have thought through every aspect of this knife down to the smallest of details. On top of the knife being perfect, the knife also has character and a story that is brought to life through your YouTube channel. When I look at my new Norseman I think about the many YouTube videos the Norseman has starred in as you have chronicled the journey of Grimsmo Knives on YouTube. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to purchase Norseman #786. Keep up the great work! I am excited to watch your company grow! Happy New Years to you too!" - Travis - 01 - 06 - 18


"Man words can't express how happy I am. I opened this bad boy up, and I still can't get over how beautiful it is. I don't know if you have new bearings, but it fires just like the Timascus Rask I used to own, and it was the best flipper I've owned. I can't thank you, Erik, Barry, and Erin enough. I'm a fan, Grimsmo Collector, and buyer for life, maybe someday if you're at a knife show I can buy you all dinner. Also, thank you for the extra hardware! It will be cool swapping out from time to time. Now I just gotta snag another Rask, and a cool spinner. Again, thank you so much, you made my Christmas!" - Chad - 12 - 07 - 17


What an absolute beauty you’ve sent! Gorgeous knife, absolute joy to hold and work with 👍🏼. Arrived earlier today, and the action is like the blade is riding on air! How do you do that, my God! Thank you to each of you at the shop, Erik, Barry, Erin and of course, you, for giving me the opportunity to own and hold a Grimsmo knife. I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for your customers in the future. Cheers and wish you all a great weekend - Ankur - 12 - 16 - 2017


Just got my Norseman, and dude, idk how to put it into words, it's way better than I could've ever imagined!!! I hope I can get a Rask one day too...keep up the great work, and thank you!!! - Aaron - 12 - 14 - 2017


"Man words can't express how happy I am. I opened this bad boy up, and I still can't get over how beautiful it is. I don't know if you have new bearings, but it fires just like the Timascus Rask I used to own, and it was the best flipper I've owned. I can't thank you, Erik, Barry and Erin enough. I'm a fan, Grimsmo collector, and buyer for life, maybe someday if you're at a knife show I can buy you all dinner. Also, thank you for the extra hardware! It will be cool swapping out from time to time. Now I just gotta snag another Rask, and a cool spinner. Again thank you so much, you made my Christmas!" - Chad - 12 - 07 - 17


"Norseman just arrived. Unbelievable, even more so than what I have read and watched on YouTube. Great job brother!" - Brett - 12 - 06 - 17


"I continue to love the Rask as well. It is interesting, as often a knife this thin will seem almost too...flimsy isn't the right word, but too insubstantial... for my personal sweet spot for ergonomic hand feel. This is the exception... while I would not want it any thinner, but these are just a sweet sweet knife. A lot of length and inconspicuous in pocket, with very little weight for the length." - Rick - 12 - 04 - 17


"Your knives are unbelievable. Cant describe it…. they are just perfect. I guess it's the state of the art! Although the Norseman is a bit bigger…. it feels so smooth and the action is perfect. The only bad thing is, that I don't like other knives anymore. I just sold 2 of them…. because they are…. not good :-). Now I am really looking forward to be the winner of a makers-choice Rask one day!! What are you guys wanna do next? Is there a new knife coming up?? I wish you both a good time… lots of fun and success with your work… and of course a wonderful Xmas and new years time with your families." - Lee - 11 - 29 - 17


"Holy cow this reverse mullet Rask is next level!! The colors are hard to capture in a photo, but it's absolutely stunning - I can't imagine any way to improve it at all. You're absolutely right that I adore this knife and will cherish it BIG TIME!! Thanks so much for your pursuit for perfection and for creating such a gem for me G-team!" - Sam - 11 - 29 - 17


"Spectacular mail call today! The Grimsmo Norseman arrived! It is my grail knife, and more than lives up to expectations! Everything about it is done so incredibly well! Just wanted to express my great thanks to you and Erik (Barry and Erin too!)." - Chris - 11 - 28 - 2017


"GREAT job with the continual online presence! You nailed it when you realized that posting your endeavors is just as important as your sweat equity on the manufacturing side; the personal and emotional nature of how you and Erik do your things has played as important a role in my purchase as your craftsmanship and quality." - Anonymous


"Just wanted to let you know that I received my rask. I know Christmas has passed but unboxing those rask was like Christmas all over again for me. The work of art and the fine workmanship of your knives are unbelievable! Thank you for some fine piece of gems and I definitely will be purchasing more knives from you. It was worth the wait. If you're ready to take on a few more orders please let me know and I'll be happy to buy some more. Thank you." - Tuan


"Norseman #700 arrived this morning and I am seriously impressed!! It is so cool to get to see first hand all the little details you have been posting and taking about in reality. Please thank Erik and Barry too, the finish on the components and grinding are so sweetly done. Again thanks guys and keep up the great work, it inspires and motivates! It is the reason I bought the knife, I am not a collector nor a hunter! I work for myself so money can't be thrown around! This was a piece to have and to remind me, as a designer and maker, of what can be achieved if you really try. For me it is an icon of your story, it is a history of how you had a go and did not settle or compromise ... Good for you ... looking forward to seeing your story continue and evolve." - Brendan - 11 - 22 - 2017


"Received the Norseman 694 today. I respect the hell out of the attention to detail with every single aspect of the knife. The giant Grimsmo “mascot” on the inside of the handle (anodized blue - super cool), the consistency of the set screws, the way the Grismo mascot lines up with the honeycomb pattern, the smooth round-overs all over the blade. Everything lines up perfect. I’m a happy customer, keep kicking ass! Thanks guys!" - Ben - 11 - 18 - 2017


"Just got the knife! This thing is insane! Thank you for the opportunity to get one of these monsters! The wait was worth it." - Jack - 11 - 17 - 2017


"For the record, my new Norseman is phenomenal. Words can't really describe how I feel about this knife. It's on another level of greatness. I noticed a new double click sound when opening which I can only guess is the blade coming off of the detente making the first click and then the second click is the lock bar snapping shut. Whatever the case it's music to my ears. And then there's the feel in the hand of the Dual honeycomb texture on both sides. It's really a pleasure just to hold this knife. And the action is typical grimsmo buttery smooth and I even like the way the blade closes gradually instead of falling shut real fast. I could really go on and on but I just want to thank you guys for creating such an awesome knife for me and I look forward to doing a lot more business with you in the future!! Your very happy and super duper satisfied customer." - Felly - 11 - 08 - 2017


"Just wanted to thank you and Erik for your awesome work and excellent customer service. My Norseman arrived earlier this week and it is absolute perfection!! Fit and finish, ergonomics, action are all amazing. Keep up the great work and continued success." - Brian - 10 - 26 - 2017


"I received my Norseman this past Saturday afternoon and was TOTALLY blown away. I have several high end/well known knives and your work of art is the new standard. The balance and weight was the first distinguishing feature. I had a feeling that I was going to be happy with this knife, but was not prepared for what I received. Thank you for standing behind the process even though it was compromised, once again the sign of a professional!" - John - 09 - 03 - 2017


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know you did this as a courtesy to me. And I greatly appreciate it. Please let me know of any chance I can to buy one of the knives you build. I don't care what model, past, present or future. If you make it and I have the money, I want to buy it. I love my Norseman. But I want to buy one FROM you. I want to support your business and your craftsmanship. Beyond that, I just like the way you do things. I hope my name is on any list for any knife you may put up for sale. And if you ever make one that you think may not be perfect enough to sell, then sell it to me! :)" - Charles - 07 - 25 - 2017


"This knife just amazes me. the level of detail and precision you've given to this knife just blows my mind to the cosmos and back. It feels amazing in hand, in pocket, and cuts things like it's hot butter, and the anodizing...just wow. My words are lost in my jittery excitement over this knife. I feel like a 4 year old girl at a princess tea party about to shoot out of my chair in happiness. I can feel my cheek muscles getting sore too. Man oh man, I love it. Thank you John and Erik for this amazing knife. I will forever cherish it like a child haha." - Brandon - 07 - 22 - 2017 

The knife arrive yesterday.  It looks and feels great!  Any idea on an ETA for the Damasteel knife?  I got this one in yesterday and promptly had to give it away because I bought it for my brother.  Looking forward to getting mine.  Thanks.
Turned out so good! Knife is so bad ass!
Also, just wanted to say this has become my favorite knife! I wasn't sure how I'd like it, but it's really blown me away and gets the most pocket time by far. I've had some other CNC knives, but they all felt like productions. I really like all of the details you guys put into these things that make each one unique.

Just wanted to let you know I'm still digging it. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with in the future.

Thanks again!
Hey John,
Got my Norseman today & it is great! Love it without the thumb stud! Great action, great fit & finish, great knife! My brother is in love with it as well! Thanks again!

It just came. It is......amazing. Absolutely the smoothest knife I have EVER HANDLED. Flips AMAZINGLY. Really just an awesome piece.  One thing I forgot to mention is the comfort. It fits my hand like a glove. Just thick enough to be comfortable, but very thin for super easy carry.

If you ever have an extra Norseman in Damasteel laying around......hit me up!

Hey Guys,
Best cutting pocket knife - hands down.
I'm very happy with the whole package - Fit and finish is spot on - ano contrast pops (blue is gorgeous) - smooth as heck!
For my first knife from a Canadian make I'm glad you could get the Maple Leaf done - Thanks again
Received my knife today and can't be happier. It is an extremely well built piece of beauty, I am very impressed with the quality and color. The color scheme turned out better than expected, love the flat look after tumble. The retention lock from the folded position is stiff but I know that will loosen up over time and its good to have a positive retention, don't want the blade opening up in your pocket.

Can't wait to see what you come up with next and will definitely keep following your videos. You and Erik make some awesome knives, tell him I said thank you.

Thanks John
I've got to say again the Timascus Norseman is best knife I have ever owned, seen, or handled in my life.
I just wanted to send you an email that I got my Norseman earlier this week, been carrying it everyday. And oh man is thing thing sweet. Smoothest action ever. Also the green, I know you said you spent a ton of time on it, looks amazing. Well worth the wait. Looking forward to tour future work and ordering another knife soon.
Just wanted to let you know I received the knife today.  All I can say is WOW!  It came out beautiful, and much more impressive than I could imagine.  It was well worth the wait, and I look forward to the day when I can order another one of your knives.
Thank you,
Hey John! The knife came in today, much sooner than expected and its... AWESOME! Make sure Erik gets a thumbs up from me haha. I did not have to sign for the package; it was just left in front of my doorstep. Thanks again ! Already posting countless number of pictures of it on IG.
The quality at this price point is ridiculous.
I also wanted to say that dealing with you guys has been awesome from start to finish. I happened to come by the channel by luck and watched Knife Making Tuesdays from start to to current last fall and was stoked to get a spot on the "March2014" list. Talking to you has been very exciting since you two are youtube celebrities. Thank you Again.

Hello Sir,
 Just wanted to say had this knife for a year now and boy what a great purchase smooth fires hard and im just plain in love with thumb flicking this thing lol. Anywhoo I was daydreaming about how i could change it up and was curious as to what you would charge for a re anodizing and upgrades like ceramic bearings and whatnot even though i'm not sure it could get much smoother. Was just going to go get it pimped but i saw Jim Skeletons green version and that really struck me as something i'd like. Just bought a Ferrum Forge NGFR so i probably wont have the extra funds for awhile but thought why not get a quote. Thanks for putting out a quality product John and i look forward to hearing from you.
Hey John,
Just checking in and wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE my Norseman. It is by far my favorite knife in my collection.
It suddenly occurred to me that I didn’t give you any feedback on my order.  It was worth the wait!  Beautiful work!
Nicolas (France)
The Norseman is arrived today and it's so awesome.
Truelly a wonderfull piece, i love it and i'm proud to be an owner of your knife.
It's make me want more north american knives.
Again, a wonderfull knife, thanks for making it.


P.S I don't know if you're a collection guy but you should check french knivesmaker, some are awesome.
Amazing work guys. Extremely impressed with the knife. It's one thing to hear and read about them, but to handle one and put it to use is something else. Had it for one day and I'd buy another one tomorrow. Couldn't have made a better choice for a first custom. Keep it up.
Hello John,

Just wanted to get back to you and give some feedback..
I friggin love this knife!! seriously, I have been edcing it for the past 2 weeks, I literally don´t want to grab any other of my knives, not kidding.
I was kinda hesitant to take it apart to replace the steel bearings for the ceramic ones you sent because I was afraid I would somehow mess up its smoothness, but that second to last video you uploaded with Erick showing how to maintain and assemble the knife, it really put me at ease and I went for it, it is really simple to take apart and put back together!
I had already nicked myself a bit because I did not move my finger fast enough when the blade falls shut, but now I am scared because it turned into a guillotine, the blade just free falls! it feels as if it where on air, no resistance at all!

Also I saw on that last video you uploaded, you showed how you are perfecting your machining process of the handles and you showed a whole box full of them.. Do I smell an upcoming pre-order?!?!?
I would really love to get another norseman, a little dressier, like yours with the wood inlays. I know you don´t make inlays for lefties and don´t even know if you plan on doing anymore lefties and I definitively wouldn´t mind getting a righty!

Anyways thank you very much for the excellent work you do! I know this was Mark´s knife, but luckily it came to me and I am honored to have this amazing blade.

- Roberto


I just wanted to touch base and let you know I got my Norseman early this week and I absolutely love it! I have not stopped fiddling with it. It is absolutely beast! Thanks again!

Hello.i got the knife today and im stunned at how well it turned out.so much so that i would like to order another one.are you taking orders for the next batch? Thanks!
I just wanted to say that your knife is an amazing work of art. Blending amazing ascetics, high quality materials, and some of the best craftsmanship I've ever seen. Is there going to be another preorder any time soon? I would love to have one in my collection.
Hello John,

I received my knife today and it is very nice. The action on the blade is phenomenal. It not only flips fast but it is just so damn smooth. I love how it closes under its own weight and it is one heck of a knife. The satin blade is perfect and really adds to its unique look. The lightening strike ?C.F. is very nice a high quality. I also really like the bronze job that you did on the anodization of the entire knife. I think my favorite thing, which was a complete surprise, is how thin the entire knife is. It looks to fit perfectly in the pocket without taking up too much real-state. I really like that.

The one thing that took me by surprise and could possibly be from the options that I chose is how slippery it is in the hand. I hope that this may go away or will end up wearing in as it is really slick right now.

Besides that I love it and incredible job, and Thank You! I am going to carry it for the next week and then see how it feels and how slippery it still may be. Thank you for a great knife and one that flips effortlessly and is really damn nice. Next time I think I may order it with Micarta Inlays but we will have to wait and see. Thanks again and its great to have a new knife to get used to, I love it. Please contact me the next time that you plan on doing another batch or most certainly if you come up with a new design. I would love to be a part of that. Thank you again so much and take care. Sincerely, Ryan
Good to see you John glad your getting a handle on things. My all Timascus #166 is still the nicest knife I have ever seen or handled! The thing flips better then a switchblade, smooth as melted butter just incredible! I have to get an EDC version cause everybody that sees this one wants to take it and run...

The Birth of my "Precious" the knife I will be buried with! You guys have no idea how much I love this knife. Every night I take it out and stare at it then flip it for an hour or so then back in the pouch. I need a reg Norseman to EDC....
Hupkat commenting on one of our youtube videos

Finally a nice long video from Blade 2014, and it happens to be from the Grimsmo brothers! I can relate to the that feeling of actually holding and flipping a Norseman for the first time. I absolutely love carrying mine and the quality speaks for itself. I took it apart the other day for a complete cleaning and I got to see the bearings you're making and how fantastic the tolerances are between the bearing races, the bearings themselves, and the pivot. It all comes together, along with the amazing detent to create a superb action. One thing that still amazes me, is how you create such nice solid detent without using overtly ridiculous lock bar pressure. The lockbar disengages easily with zero lock stick.  You also have me eyeing those new handle patterns for my next Norseman, they are simply stunning. Keep up the amazing work guys, and thanks for the great video and incredible knife !

Just came in today and all I can say is "Wow!"  Definitely worth the wait.  I appreciate the time and effort you have been putting into all your knives since the beginning of your career.  I hope you continue to grow as a maker and can't wait to get another (and also see what else comes out of your garage).

Thanks a ton,
Ed H.
The knife is beautiful. Thanks!

As I desire to keep betting on your future, if you have a list of people to contact if you start another order/batch, put me it on it.

Hope things are well for you.

Andrew W.
Received.  I like it a lot.  Very snappy detent, solid lock up and sharp.  All things collectors appreciate.

Thanks guys.

John R
Hello John, I have one of your knives #195 and i have to say it is one of the best blades i have ever used!! I will never part with it. You and your bros. craftsmanship is the best i have seen. I was just wondering if in the future if there will be any more per-orders, or if you have one on hand you would sell me? the 195 is a user for me and would love to have one to put away.Thanks for your time.
I own a lot of Customs(Burch, Burke, Shirogorov, Begg, Voorhies, Hinderer, Fischer…)


I like slicer a lot, with your knife I will never cut a pice of wood, I only have it at office for food and papers, and the thin blade behind the edge is that what I like most at your knife and of course the fit and finish.

You and your brother makes awesome knives!!!
Thanks a lot and stay on this way!

Greetz from Austria Niki
I picked up the knife last weekend from my post office. It's a cool piece, I'm especially digging the mechanics, which I think are top notch.

Craig M.

My NORSEMAN is superb all the way around!  It's the smoothest, most comfortable and beautiful knife I have ever owned. You have an excellent engineering mind and you turn that into these beautiful knives. I'm honored to own one and I'll treasure it.  Keep up the great work and tell Eric I said he's a wicked sharpener.  Big fan from Louisiana U.S.A.
I have to admit going into Blade Show 2014 if u had asked me if i was a fan of Grimsmo knives i would have told u no plain and simple. The blade shape just never did anything for me and while i always appreciate the craftsmanship in custom knives, there was just nothing that was drawing this to me as a knife i was interested in purchasing. Well im telling you now i am so very glad i was able to meet John and handle this beauty saturday night in the pit because i would have never known what i was missing. This knife has to be the smoothest and best flipping knife i have ever handled and while im still warming up to the blade shape the function of this knife is what really sold me. It doesn't hurt that the ano job and damasteel blade they used with this one make it an absolute looker lol

I highly doubt I will ever get rid of it, I am more of a collector than a flipper. This knife has all the elements I really like. The blade shape is unusual but it is useful after you to start to use. The knife is really slim and disappears in your pocket, strong detent. It flips like a champ and moves so effortlessly. The radiused spine on the blade is something I wish more people did I really like that. The knife just drops when you push the Lockbar there isn't any resistance at all. The design is very nice on the handles and your logo on the inside is a nice touch. I can't really knock you on anything about the knife. I really do like everything about it. If you make a knife the size of the McGinnis I would like it even more but your knife isn't overly big as it is.
Adam K.
Hey John,
I've been carrying my norseman using it as much as I need to and I love it the thing just flips awesome and is ridiculously sharp the blade shape is setup to cut down just about anything.  I hope you guys had a good time at Blade.  Really appreciate the extra work and effort you put into this thing I can't say enough good stuff about it.  Contact me in the future when youre in the mood to make another pain in ass lefty batch ;)  I also was just wondering what type of warranty you guys have with the norseman.  I figure theres a video about it and if there is just shoot me a link.  Wish you the best of luck in the future and hope to keep dealing with you guys either with future knives or repairs on the one I have. Thanks again.
Eric D.
Hey John!

Dude, this knife is so nice!! Easily the best action I've had on a knife. Thank you again for getting me in on this batch!
Hello John and Erik,

I wanted to thank you both again many times over for this weekend, I appreciate the time you gave my brother and I. Your product and method are unparalleled. I learned a lot about the design process and that means a lot to me. If ever I can be of assistance to you or your work please don't hesitate to reach out, I would love to help.

Thanks again sincerely for everything!
Josh S.
Hey guys, I purchased the green Norseman from you guys at Blade Show on Friday and am totally in love. This knife is amazing. I will be recommending it to anyone who will listen. I definitely want to be on the list for the next batch of knives. Thanks guys!
Adam K.
Hey John,
I got my knife! It is absolutely awesome, the flipping action is beyond great and its super smooth.  The finish really did come out very nice I really like the two tone bronze and blue honeycombs.  Thanks again!
Wow! I just got home about 20 min ago and this is amazing. this is the smoothest knife ive ever seen. I cannot wait to get the other 2.  I love the knife. I want the other 2 bad! lol. it is my every day cary knife now. your knife is awesome! larry b.
Dan (Timascus and Damasteel Norseman)

Hi John,
  It came yesterday and I still can't get my jaw off the floor!!! I don't think any knife has hit me like this! It is unbelievable perfect in every way! Right off I need to get another regular version I can carry everyday! What amazing flipping action.. Honestly I have so many customs and none with this action! And your work flawless and your brothers work flawless!! This knife will be a treasured family heirloom passed down thru the generations. I can not tell you thank you enough! Two year wait was worth every day I waited.. Seriously tell me how soon I can get on the list for my next one ;)!

Thank You,
I don't get knives to keep in a safe or to turn over for resale. Actually, I'm a Deputy US Marshal and it goes to work with me everyday. I'm using it as you guys designed it. And it is getting more EDC than my XM-18, and that is one fantastic knife. Therefore you can see how I feel about my Norseman.

Thanks for the outstanding customer service.

I received my knife today and must tell you it exceeded my expectations.  This is a magnificent knife: the blue scales are fantastic, the action is perfect and the stonewashed blade is gorgeous and really sharp.  It was well worth the wait.

Thanks again and all the best,
This Norseman is the shit! Great user. How do they keep getting smoother every time you make one?
Hi John,

Just want to let you know I got the Norseman...boy...it's smooth...I think you really took it to the next level...

Not only how it deploys...but how the blade folds back in...awesome.
Hello John, Hope you're doing well so far... I just wanted to tell you, that I've received my knife today. It took a little longer to get here (Germany), because it had to go through customs. But now I'm just happy to have this beautiful knife in my hands. It was really worth the wait... You and your brother have just done a great piece of art! Your love for little details it's amazing. I just can say THANK YOU....! You can be completely sure that I will buy another Norseman in the future.  Have a great weekend, and please give my regards to your brother.
The action. It is amazing. Holy shit man.
Man I can’t stop playing with this thing. I want one of your new integrals. Like, now. Make it happen. : )
James #2
Out of the park guys!
#212 is one of your finest !
Hi John, got it today in Moscow:) very happy with it:) thank u.
Outstanding job, it exceeds all my expectations!  Quick question, did I hear you are putting ceramic bearings in now, and if so does #208 have them?  Do you recommend dry or wet for the bearings?
(John's answer - we use Tuf-Glide dry lube for most of the knives we assemble, but sometimes we'll use Nano-oil if we're feeling saucy.  Both work great, Nano seems to last a lot longer so we might start using it for all assemblies.)

Danny K S.
John & Erik

Update on my new Norseman. I have been carrying my Norseman since I received it last month. This thing is very enjoyable to flip, feel of and use. I cannot change it out for one of my other knives, I have tried but the Norseman keeps call to me. I love it, you really do have a fine product here. I am afraid that as I play with and use this tool that the extremely sharp blade is going to cut me deep! Keep up the good work and know that your knife that you invented is my number one knife that is a joy to own and use.



Janet E.
It is here, and it is absolutely beautiful! We love it! Thank you!
Anthony W.
Hey John,
Received the knife a couple days ago and I love it. Turned out perfect! Thank you gentlemen.

Brian D.
Hello John,

The knife came yesterday afternoon and it looks great and is even smoother than I was expecting, it was well worth the wait! I had never handled one of your knives before so I could only go off of videos I have seen of them. Overall I am very happy with the knife and have zero issues or complaints with it. Now I cant wait to see my second order!  I look forward to getting future models from you and your brother, I will be a customer for a long time to come!

Thanks Again,
Travis H.
John and Erik,

         I’ll try to keep this short and sweet because I know how busy you are and how many emails you get. My Norseman arrived yesterday and to be completely honest…I am utterly blown away by the talent and craftsmanship on display. From the buttery smooth action and precise detent, to the incredibly detailed milling in the honeycomb pattern, pivot, and thumb studs, the Norseman truly is something special. Essentially I just wanted to let you two know that every bit of time and hard work you put into these knives is readily apparent and greatly appreciated. Thanks for creating such a fantastic knife and one that will always be in my collection.

                           -Travis Hupka
Jake K.
I just received my knife today and I have to say I really love my new Norseman. It is soooo smooth and snaps open effortlessly.
Timmy C.
Best day ever! She’s amazing! Wicked smooth, wicked sharp, holy hell I hope it never bites me! Just beautiful guys!
Arman A.
Hello John, just messaging to let you know how pleased I am with the norseman. I grabbed it out the mailbox last night on my way out and immediately took it out the box and put it in my pocket. The thing carries amazing! Has a great feel in the pocket. Fit and finish is outstanding, looks even better in person! You guys do a great job brother. One thing though when I got back home I noticed that the action got a bit rough, but I watched the video you posted about that a while back, and I got prepared and ordered myself some sentry solutions and the thing is DANGEROUSLY smooth, unreal absolutely no friction. By the way I appreciate that video because a ferrum forge knife I had was doing the same thing, and I thought it was a bearing issue but thanks to your video I realized it was a detent issue and that knife is smooth as butter too. Anyways great knife, I plan on making it my everyday carry now. Just one question, obviously not anytime soon, but do you offer spa treatments, like I mean years down the road through all the wear and tear. Anyways let me know about that, and again thanks for making such a great product, Im really excited to get my second one!!
Russell N.
Arrived about an hour ago…I love it! Action is perfect, annodizing is amazing, really awesome work. Thanks!
Ben H.
You are doing Canadian magic up there.  I received my Norseman today in the mail, and am absolutely impressed.  The Grimsmo brothers must have sold their souls to the devil.

I’m not a huge collector, and I carry all the knives I own (and will EDC my Norseman as well).  My main flippers are the XM-18 and ZT 0561.  Both fire great, but their actions don’t compare to the Norseman- thanks ceramic ball bearings.  Now my XM is more beefy, but this Norseman seems so much more refined.

I was skeptical about the diamond pattern handle.  It was a toss up between your beloved honeycomb and the diamond, and I ended up rolling the dice with the diamond pattern.  I’m very pleased with the diamond.  The bronze turned out better than expected.  If you hit in the right light, you can see a slight purple hue, which looks REALLY good.

I’m anxious to see what comes out of the Grimsmo magic shack in the years to come.

Thanks for the sticker.  If you’re interested, I would love a large one like you put on the mill machine.  I plan on putting it on the back window of my pickup.  Norwegians unite and fly the colors!  Do you really want to pass up on the free advertising?

Thanks for the great knife.  

Emil M.
Hi John,

Got the knives today!  Freakin amazing!!!  I’m really blown away with these; especially the honeycomb!  Looks like a piece of candy.  Thanks for everything you and Erik do.  I’m really happy how they turned out.

Til the next batch…
Mark M.
Awesome bro. Thanks so much John. Still loving my Norseman. No other knife, custom or production compares. No joke.
Gren N.
Blown away by how smooth it is.

Aside from insane smoothness: ergonomics are perfect for my hand, clip is the best (great ramp for ingress, perfect rigidity, hidden screws), blade shape is very useful, detent is perfect (holds blade better than any knife I own, but it requires very little effort to overcome, super slim form factor, pivot that doesn’t spin… Definitely my favorite knife that will never leave my collection.

It’s crazy that this is your first knife! Looking forward to the integral that you have in the works.
Ben S.
Hey there John and Erik,

I just wanted to let you both know that the knife and shirt landed yesterday. I can’t tell you how much I love this knife…thank you! It’s my first time with the Norseman and I’m so stoked…smooth, light, slim and I think I picked a really sweet/subtle color combination. Again, thank you for your fantastic customer service and stellar product. Also, I’m definitely down for the new shirt whenever it comes up for sale.

Ben (USN Liberty43)

PS Keep making those great videos as well.
Jacob M.
Hey bro It came in this morning. WOW this thing is the smoothest knife i’ve ever had. What a superb job. And the color is perfect. The centering is perfect. You name it, you did it. 110% satisfied. I cant wait to get on your other orders in the future. Its a rocket when you use the thumb stud. Thanks so much. Tell Eric thank you too. I see him workn his butt off in the youtube vids. Jacob
Austin C.
Hey John I got my Norseman today. IT IS PERFECT!!! I have never held a smoother knife I cant put it down! Oddly enough it was made on my sisters bday, found that out when I saw the card lol. It has such an awesome finish on it and the blade is perfect! and sharp! THANK YOU SO MUCH! lol
Chris G.
I love it, so much so I will be getting on the next run you open for a lnlay one.  And please thank Erik for me as well, it looks just like I wanted and is the smoothest knife that I have ever seen. Thanks again.
Emil M.
Hey John,

Got the knives.  Freaking AMAZING.  Can’t wait for the next 2!!  Thanks for the extras too!  I needed the oil, and the stickers are going on my car and pelican case ASAP.  Thanks to you and Erik for your hard work, I’m really happy.  

Talk soon,


Steve F.

Hi John:

She arrived safe and sound! I love the look of the naked titanium with the LSCF and smooth as butter! You and Eric make one of the smoothest and nicest looking knives out there and at a super price! I am thinking of what to order for the next go around!

Take care and talk soon,



Chris S.

Just wanted to write you and tell you that after having this Norseman for a week or so now, it’s freaking great. Such a dang useful blade shape, and love how thin you have it ground/milled. It’s honestly my favorite knife I’ve had in years. The attention to the little things make such a big difference. The little lip on the pocket clip makes it slide onto the pocket so easily. The copper inlays are perfect in that they are thick enough to give the effect I wanted, but thin enough not to add lots of weight. The hammered copper Krein Alpha that I have is amazing, but heavy as lead. Yours has been in my pocket since I got it.

I definitely want a plain one sometime, if you have the materials this run to do one. And I’ve got several ideas for other materials as you do future batches. Tell you what…just put me down for a piece with each batch of Norsemen you do in the future. And the integral.


Woon K.

I got the Norseman on boxing day, man its a stunner! Smooth as silk opening/closing and a hell of combination you’ve made on the anodizing colors. I love it!


Bob Warfield from www.CNCCookbook.com

John, thank you for writing!

You know, I carry that Norseman everywhere and have shown it to hundreds of people. Whenever someone asks me why I’m interested in CNC and what it’s good for, I always bring it out and had it to them and say:

This is the kind of thing that can be made with CNC. That’s no ordinary knife. You can see all the little touches and refinements John Grimsmo has made to it. All the little details. He adds more to it every time he makes a batch based on what he’s learned before.

I also have a very nice Harley Davidson knife in the other pocket. I bring that out and hand it to them to show them the difference. The Harley knife is a nice piece of work, but it’s been mass-produced and is nowhere even close to the quality and design insights of a Norseman. Best thing of all is you can watch John Grimsmo’s videos and learn how he does it.

It never fails to get them interested in CNC in a way that I have never seen anything else do.

Thanks again for the very special knife. I still need to write up a blog post on it, and you can be sure I’ll tell that story again for the larger audience to hear.

I know 2014 will be an even better year for you and your knives as well. Perhaps a whole new design will debut? I’ll be curious to watch.

Best Regards,

Bob Warfield


Aaron H.

Just arrived! All I can say is A-Aron is very happy! Love, love, love the marble carbon fiber! I was worried about really feeling the air bubbles, but the are hardly noticeable in hand. You two are Gods among men! Thank You.


John W.

It’s absolutely ridiculous! I love it! I thought it may have a rustic feel to it but I love that fact that everything is sooo tight and crisp and sharp!

It feels like aircraft quality! And Omg I think I have the Sharpest Norseman so far! I’ve seen ppl show how sharp it is on YouTube but I swear mine is even sharper! It glides through paper even when I try to make it snag!

Thought I may have to pay import duty tax as well but nope, completely free!

I was worried with shipping as rules in UK are ridiculous, and because your bearing system is soo smooth (it’s ridiculous!) then I worried that this could be classified as a “gravity knife” which would be classed as illegal over here. It’s extremely grey with knife laws but I was willing to take the risk and couldn’t be happier, before Xmas too!

Thanks so much for the great service along with the amazing knife, I hope you make lots of money from this and the next batch and I assume I don’t need to say this BUTTT please don’t ever compromise your attention to detail – it’s sooo worth it. I wish more people/manufactures would appreciate that ppl will pay a premium for amazing quality.

Thanks again and hope to be in contact in future!


Yeah it’s a compete joke how this cuts, even my girlfriend said “wow!” when I showed her, and that says something!

I know what u mean about the detent, it’s sooo strong. I did worry before getting it that since it’s so sharp I may delve into my pocket and the blade be out and that would end very badly! I have literally shaken it to hell and it’s rock solid!

It gives the impression that you have gone the extra mile with my knife, it would be nice to think so, but if u churn out knife after knife at this high a quality then I’m speechless!

So often when u pay a premium you hesitate to inspect it really closely to avoid disappointment; I jumped right in and have checked this out soo ruthlessly and I dare say it’s perfect!…

My only positive criticism would be that since you churn out such a great product which MUST take time to create, you should continue to showcase it like with the initial batches as this is a completely different beast than u started with!

I may sound over the top but please if u know of someone/somewhere else where I can exchange the similar amount of money and expect a similar service/product then please show me!? As far as I’m aware they don’t exist hence appreciate that u are seriously good at what you do.

I look forward to seeing what u produce in years to come and will defo buy from you soon.

Kind regards, (needless to say),


P’s. I hope this feedback gets back to Eric as he seems soo funny and the finish is supreme! So thank him for me for such a great knife and one which is the sharpest thing I have ever handled!


Hi John,

Just a quick update on the blade after carrying it for a while.

I’m sad to say that unfortunately I’m even more in love with it than when it first arrived!!(bet u were worried for a moment then ;-)) It’s amazing. Still ridiculously sharp, I’m just trying to decide what sharpening system would be best considering it’s recurve (and the fact that I can’t base my only sharpener on this knife!).

I showed my parents and they urged me not to show my grandparents who were visiting at Christmas (narrow minded), I showed it to them regardless and my nans first reaction was wow! She asked to handle it and immediately said “well this must have cost a pretty penny, it’s clearly titanium, I love the green and the bronze spine really sets it off along with the polished blade!”. Clearly my parents don’t follow on from my grandparents haha!

Anyway thanks again and keep up the good work.



I greatly appreciate that awesome customer service, taking the time to send me a personal email. That’s just awesome in my book. So I appreciate that, I’m more than happy to wait for one of your beautifully designed knives. Just can’t wait to get my hands on it lol. A buddy let me borrow his for a few weeks and I fell in love and had to order one, when I get the email about you taking orders for a batch, I jumped head first into your website lol.

Your work is fantastic, keep it up!

Thank you again,



Chris S.

You’re the coolest. When I grow up I wanna be a Grimsmo.


Mark M.

John, it’s frigging awesome. I don’t even sleep without it in my hand. Lol. I know,,, sad hey ? Hehe. Yes it’s a great knife and I really love the weight and how the titanium feels in the hand, all due to the thinness and weight as well as how you smoothed out the outer edges. Yes it flips wonderfully. It needed some breaking in and I’ve given it that. Plus I wasn’t doing it correctly in accordance to that particular flipping action on that knife. But I love it man and have shown it to everyone. Thanks so much.

I wanted to ask, what about re-sharpening ? How much etc ?

Thanks again.



Thomas S.

I have just received my Norsman and I’m missing words… The result is just amazing!! Every little detail is perfect!!

Thank you so much… My son is already after me and want one also :-)

Have a great day!!




Justin L.

I’m still loving mine dude, I carry it almost every single day and its seeing lots and lots of use. The RWL steel is holding up wonderfully and the action on the knife has only become more and more smooth and consistent.


Chris P.

Received the Norseman #114 today, Hey man just want to say awesome, this thing is butter smooth action, locks up is as tight as a virgin, the pictures do not do the bronze color justice, I was not sure about that color but I got to tell you it looks great and against the carbon fiber inlays WOW really nice, the green accent on your logo for the pocket clip was a nice touch also, I have to ask does this one have your standard bearings or the upgraded ceramic pivot bearing this thing is super smooth ?

Thanks a bunch and looking forward to your future creations for me.


Chad M.

It was super cool to see my knife in your latest vid (#91, all bronzed and acid blade)

“Flippin” love the knife. It’s ergo are perfect and it carries so well in the pocket.


Chris P.

Hello, Just wanted to send a email and let you know I think you are doing great things with your knife making, I just received a carbon fiber inlay version of yours serial # 056 that I purchased second hand, have to tell you that I am having trouble putting this knife down, just feels great in hand and flicks open like a dream, I don’t know if you are taking new orders at this time but I would like to be added on your list if you are , please let me know at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your time.


ArtVandeley on USN

I carry and use mine almost every day. I just love this knife and even after flipping it like a million times it`s still super solid. The work that goes into making it and the small details are just out of this world. Even the inside of the scale has a logo milled in. It`s crazy smooth and super sharp. I love the bladeshape and while it has it`s limitations it`s almost perfect for EDC. It`s so light for it`s size and carries so nice even in jeans. It`s a great knife from a very talented guy. I`ll continue to buy from him and look forward to his new project.


Bob Warfield

John, I got the Norseman the other day and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it. It’s just an absolutely gorgeous piece of work, and I really love the custom engraving touches you’ve added. I’ll be doing a little article about it on the CNCCookbook blog before too long.


Donald S.

Hey John, just received my norseman, what a bad ass flipper. Went straight in my pocket, gonna be there awhile.


Donald R.

Received my Norseman today, I am extremely pleased. The fit and finish are excellent, the detent is perfect, no wrist flick needed at all to open, I really like the fact that it has a thumbstud to deploy the knife just as easy, as well.

I really like the acid etch finish on the blade as well. I was a bit concerned I would not like it, but it is awesome and compliments the blue and bronze perfectly. Thank you very much for including me in the email to have a chance to purchase one of your knives before your preorder opened up. The knife has great ergonomics as well and does not feel like such a large knife in the hand. I cannot say enough how pleased I am with this knife.


Darren J.

Friggin amazing…

This is my first true one of a kind custom, my first CF knife, my first Damascus knife.

Can’t wait for one from the next run that will live in my EDC pocket.

This rare piece of Grimsmo history will stay in the safe except for USN GTG’s and special occasions…

Waiting the pre-order for the next run…

Two Norseman’s will be headed my way as we talked about earlier :-)

Keep up the excellent work.

I feel like we are old friends because I’ve seen all 5000 hours of your Knife Making Tuesday vids.


Michael S #061

Woooooooooooooooooow!!!! Dude! This knife is ridonkulous. The noise it makes when flipping it is insane. It’s beautiful. The finishing work is spectacular. You guys are the best. Thanks a bunch and best wishes.


Cam J.

Just got it thanks John. Very solid work! You were right about the size, it fits my XL hand very well.


Emil M.

I received both today!! Man, they are SOOOO freaking nice!! Totally 100% extremely satisfied with them. Thank you and your brother for the great work!

I look forward to receiving the next pre-order email. I’ve got some ideas i hope you and erik would be down for doing…


Buddy S.

Just got the Norseman in the mail, it is awesome, I am very excited for the other knife to be finished when that time comes, and I realize it may be a while.

The only thing I don’t like about the knife is that I have nothing to say aside from the fact that it is totally awesome… looking at the design I was unsure but not that it is in my hand… well I have been flicking it none stop since I opened the package and started playing with it.

Well done… well done… to you and Eric, this week end Brian Lyttle will be looking it over as well, but I am sure that he will have nothing short of very high thought’s for it as well.


Jon M.

Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that I received the knife today and it kicks ass. The finish on the scales and the blade are great, and while the green isn’t really where I wanted it, it still looks good on the knife. The action of the flipper is even better than I expected, even after watching probably every Youtube video that exists detailing your knives! I really just wanted to say thanks for putting together such a great knife, I’m honored to have one of the first 100. I just watched your most recent Knife making Tuesday update, and I’m eager to see what you’ve got in store for the next knife show. Keep up the good work buddy!


Chad M.

It arrived just in time for some camping with my wife and 4 boys. I am very pleased with the fit and finish of this knife. I am SO pleased with the aesthetics as it came delivered with a look that I found very appealing. The blade etching was simply awesome and WOW does Eric ever know how to sharpen a blade lol. The bronzed hardware fit perfect with what I had in mind.

The finish was well improved from the previous Norseman I had owned. The added features like screwing the clip from inside the scale is a great complement to the finish of the knife.


Wayne C.

Knife arrived today and it was well worth the wait. Love it, Love it! Thanks for making a LEFTHANDED knife.

It is so smooth when it opens and locks. The color is Great!

And it arrived veeeerrrrrrry sharp!


Travis C.

I just got my Norseman in the mail…HOLY COW MAN!!!

This thing is freakin amazing!!! Incredible John!


Kevin L.

I got a nice surprise today when I went to get my mail. This Norseman is awesome! Flips effortlessly and looks sick. Thanks again.


Steve F.

The Noresman just arrived!! WOW! You guys do awesome work! I wasn’t sure of my choice of the bronze accents, but I really like the way it turned out! Nice to have something different. I have followed you and Eric on youtube for quite a while now and knew what I was getting, but still nothing like holding an awesome knife! The polished blade is amazing and it feels so perfect in hand! I like that you left the polished silver flats on the front, great contrast!

Take care and I am sure I will be ordering another!!


Daniel K.

The Norsemen is outstanding. Keep up the good work!


Jason A.


Holy crap man, I got it today and it’s amazing! Thank you sir! I love it!

Great work, please tell Erik thank you for me, as well!

You guys are great! Yell when you start up something new, and I’m in!


Jared W.

Hey John, it’s coming close to a year since I first scored my Norseman 006 from you and I was thinking about how excited I was to have landed my first custom knife. A year from then I’m now fully knife crazed and my collection has changed from spydercos then to Mick Strider customs, a Curtiss F3, and other awesome blades now.

One thing that hasn’t changed, however is how much I love my norseman. It still sits proudly in the 1st slot of my knife case and gets pocket time-a lot of pocket time. I’ve had it re anodized twice now because of how scratched I’ve made the handle scales but the blade still shows it’s battle scars. The newest anodized is quite frankly badass


Hi John,

My Norseman came in today and WOW!

Thank you soooo much this thing is absolutely awesome!!! Better than I had hoped. I would’ve made an unboxing video but I don’t have a tripod and I think my wife would’ve thought me a freak if I had…lol

I will probably start making videos sooner or later and when I do one of my first will be on this amazing piece!

I can’t thank you enough.


Tony (issues)

Mark W.

Got my knife yesterday, John. I must say you put out an outstanding product! I have handled hundreds of knives and the quality and operation you build is second to none. I am very anxious to see what you come up with in the future.

Please let me know when your book open again. I want one with inlays!


John B.

Hi John,

Wow. Just wow.

I am thrilled to own one of your knives and this one is flat out incredible. The Damasteel is just off the charts and the clip is such a nice touch. It really sets off that side of the knife.


Nick B.

Hey John! I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, they showed up about a week ago. I’ve been extremely busy at work and very sleep deprived which I know is no stranger to you guys as well lol. The knives are amazing, I love the Tor, the size is perfect, and the sheath is a great addition, fits perfectly. Words can’t even begin to describe how much I love the Norseman, everything is better than I expected, and my expectations were pretty high to begin with. I am so happy I waited for what I ordered and didn’t jump on the earlier made one, the changes and subtle perfections are priceless. Everyone I’ve showed it to cant believe this is your first attempt at a folding knife, no details were over looked, it truly looks like you’ve been doing this for years. I definitely have no complaints, the color is exactly what I had in mind, the tumbled look is flawless and will help hide future marks from wear and tear, the fit and finish is near perfection and the overall size and weight is perfect for my hands. The only thing that really surprised me or wasn’t exactly what I was expecting was the weight of it, which isn’t a bad thing at all. It’s lighter than what I had imagined from the beginning just watching them on your videos, I really like that though, which I guess is why it’s surprising, I’ve always liked this size of a knife and just accept that they are on the heavy side. All in all, well done to the both of you, it has been a pleasure getting to work with you and I can’t wait to see where you go next, your talent will take you a long ways, but your best attribute is your customer service, your dedication shines through and it will take you to great places, keep up the good work!

Again, I’m sorry I didn’t send this sooner, but I wanted to be able to take the proper amount of time to write this out because you totally blew my mind, hopefully I’m making some sense anyways. I would love to buy another in the future, because I want to carry this all day but I have to stop myself so I don’t ruin it lol. I was also curious if you will set up pricing in the future to buy new handles with different colors or maybe send mine back for upgrades as time goes on and the colors fade, just something to think about, I bet it could become a popular thing as your customer base grows. Ok I’ll quit rambling, thank you again John, it’s been a pleasure, let me know if there is anything specific you’d like to hear about my knife that I might not have mentioned, first time I’ve done a review. Thanks!!!!!!!


Abdulaziz T.

I received the knife this week , it’s EPIC and fantastic fit and finish is better then the first knife i got. tolerance is in another level I LOVE IT , now i want more! sign me in for next batch inlay this time, and for the new integral

I added photos in this link , file to large to send


thank you for this amazing knife and experience to see it put together


I’ve been carrying the s**t out of #89 and I’m loving it more everyday. You did include an extra Ti clip but I’ve kept the Damascus one on. It’s just so damn pretty! No problems with it so far but I’m very weary of scratching it lol. You out did yourself on this baby. And did I mention that its shaaaaaaaaaaarp? Holy shit




Per F.

Hi John!

Just received an awesome knife with heat colored handle. The finish and mechanics are just top notch! Flips like a dream.

Have you thought about if there is a leather sheath out there that fits a Norseman? Something nice from Greg Everett or so?? Have you tried any of those, do you think that a Strider SMF-size is comparable?

Thanks for the good job guys!!


John D.

Hey John!

I just wanted to say, after looking this gen 2 over I am in love. Absolutely love the matte finish in contrast with the polished surfaces. Love the new lip you added to the lock bar, makes it MUCH easier to unlock. You made a lot of subtle changes, but literally every one is very functional, and executed nicely.

Anyway, all of that to say the Norseman is in my top 3 knives, period. The more I carry and use it, the more I love it.

I wanted to ask, is there any possible way I can order another one? I’d love to have one with uncut Ti scales, full stonewash, with some kind of color accent on the thumb studs, clip, and spacer. I think that would be a bad ass, utilitarian look. I could pre pay this time, of course.

I hope you can fit me in! And I hope being a repeat customer has helped you in some small way, you guys deserve it! By the way, you should join instagram. Lot of people giving you some love!

Thanks man,



Jack T.

By the way I’m in love? with my Norseman. I m the proud owner of # 051. Im looking forward to adding another flavor in the near future! Thanks again! Jack

Hey John

remember a couple of years ago when you would look up awesome machining videos on Youtube and ask? yourself how the hell they get their stuff to look so awesome? Those are your videos now.

Curtain Call on USN

your Norseman is already iconic in my opinion in the knife world; you and your brother have managed to create such a unique folding knife, one look and it’s unmistakably Grimsmo!


Malak A.

Knife looks incredible. Love it. Honestly, it is going to get about a 50/50 rotation with my XM24 as my daily carry. I did an unboxing table top review on you tube

check it out: http://youtu.be/Sdojfx-am-g


Michael E.

Really nice to meet you at the blade show John…thanks for all your time and friendship.

I am in love with my #50 GOLD Norseman. YOU ROCK!!!



Thanks John I really love my Norseman I think you have really got your stuff together and in my opinion the knife speaks for itself.


Jeffrey S.

I’ve been carrying my Norseman for around four days now. It’s fantastic. It carries beautifully–light in the pocket, but substantial in the hand. It’s great fun to flip, and it’s wicked sharp. It’s also just totally awesome, totally cool. I love the color, the feel, the look–everything about it. You’ve done great work, in both design and execution! My only problem is will I carry any of my other knives again . . .


Kelly P.

Pink Norseman Owner

John, Great meeting you at the show on Saturday. I love the pink Norseman that I picked up from you. I can’t stop flipping it :) I have been kicking around what I want on the second Norsemen and I think I have an idea. Just curious if you have done a bead blast finish on the scales like a CR Sebenza with bronze or heat bronzed hardware? Looking forward to hearing from you and I hope the show went well for you. Kelly


Aaron S.

I’m home now and I wanted to tell you something… At blade I bought a Calaveras Cutlery El Patron, I got a Diskin Fire D/A, I also got a John Gray THUCK… I’m on the list for the Coye Whiskey, Sam Eddleman, and ZERO’s knives too… BUT… This Norseman is the highlight of the show for me… I was blown away by the quality that you guys squeezed into this knife. The Brothers Grimsmo are fantastic knife makers, and I want another… When you get ready to run more lefties let me know… I envision Moku-Ti.

Once again, extremely good to meet you, and thanks again for the knife.


issues (USN)

I was able to pick up the only lefty he brought but unfortunately, it was missing the pivot so it will be mailed to me next week.

All I had to do was hold one and I had no choice but to get it. Smooth as silk and feels amazing in the hand!!!

It was awesome to meet you John!


Anson C.

John, just got it in, and it is freaking amazing! Everything is just perfect man. If you guys ever decide to open up a bigger shop, you can probably give Chris Reeve, Hinderer, and Strider and run for their money. Thank you for delivering such an amazing knife, and I am looking forward to whatever else you guys have coming up.


Tyler H.

John! I just got #89. I’m speechless dude. What an unbelievable knife. So smooth, such an awesome detent, fires like a missile, and what beautiful Damascus. I’m going to carry this baby tomorrow. Thanks John!!!


Dear John,

I have just received the knife. It is awesome!!!, unbelievable example of craftsmanship.

Thanks a lot for inspiring people. Keep making such as good products!!!

Best regards from Spain

Jaime C.


Hey, I just received a Norseman I told you about on trade. Number #37 gold with green thumb stud and purple spacers. This confirms what I thought about your knives. One word to describe your knives is PERFECTION. The action is butter smooth, fit and finish is perfect, the edge is absolutely razor sharp. Your Norseman is leaps and bounds above any other flipper in my opinion. I can’t wait to give my deposit for your next batch of Norseman. I hope you still email me for my deposit. This thing is perfect. Keep up the good work guys.



Hey John,

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the knife. I can’t put it down, it’s sick as hell and I literally cannot find anything on it that I would change. GREAT WORK!!!

Already saving for another one. On that note, after seeing the knife in person, my buddy wants one. We tried to order one on Saturday but the link says sold out on the website.

Can you let me know if you are still taking orders.

Thanks again, and let Erik know that I appreciate his hard work as well.



Michael H.

I’ve been carrying my Norseman everyday since my son’s Court of Honor and I’m loving it! It’s been a reel eye catcher and extremely useful. I love the blade shape. The blunt front is incredibly useful. I know I prefer my customers to use the beejeezus out of the reels I make for them and not just put them on a shelf. I wanted you to know that I’m using the beejeezus out of my Norseman (and so is my son). Well done! Thank you.



Dude I’ve got to tell you, my Norseman #36 is such a solid knife. Great anodizing, perfect detent, rock solid lock-up, absolutely centered, and it flips like a rocket! If #89 is anything like #36, I’m confident that I’ll be my new favorite. Can’t wait to see the video of y’all working on the Damascus and the smooth scales.




I love my Tor, the smooth/soft radius on the blade back & tang was the unexpected jewel like aspect that pleases me the most. it’s small detail like that which make all the difference. now i just need to make me kydex sheath. :)



Hey guys- I was lucky enough to be able to snag one of your Norseman’s (#42). Great knife with excellent F&F and smooth as butter and love that blade design, kind of tantoish… I really like that blade finish that you put on her and that Honeycomb scaling gives an awesome grip. HTat Green anodizing really jazzes her up. Tony from Iowa


#010 and #011 Michael H.

The knives arrived today. All I can say is WOW! They look much better in person even though the video is awesome. I really want to carry mine but can’t until I surprise Nick with his knife at his Court of Honor in January. What to do, what to do!

Thank you once again for going above and beyond on these beautiful pieces of knife art!


#017 John O.

John I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my Norseman #17.

I’ve seen only 2 on bladeforums for sale or trade from your first batch. It’s a great design, this will most likely never be a user for me, however I know from its blade shape and edge geometry it is a performer. I have been carrying it with me outside of work. I use an Emerson mini A-100 or a mini cqc-15, cutting open boxes, fiberglass straps, plastic. The Norseman is way bigger than the EDC I need but it’s slim design fits on my waste of my swim trunks ( southern California casual everyday clothes)

My wife and kids were in the car on my driveway about to leave the other day and my wife caught me shaving some stray hairs off my neck and chin looking in the visor mirror of my suv with my Norseman.

Make more designs please.

A smaller utility one

And a hawkbill self defense one

Take care and you and your brother and family have a great Christmas


#020 Dan D.

Just received the knife… it is ridiculously awesome!! I’ll try to get some pics but my phone doesn’t take too good of pics I love the blue and the diamond pattern. Also the flipper is smooth and super fast. Thanks so much for this it’s amazing



Ergonomics are absolutely terrific. I was initially worried the handle would be too thin, but it feels incredible in the hand.

- Design is brilliant. Everything flows beautifully and creates a truly unique, easily distinguishable knife, which is hard to do these days.

- Flipping action and lock-up are fantastic as well… shoots open and locks with authority.

- Fit and finish, with a few minor exceptions, is spot-on.


I received the Norseman #028 today , much much better in person then Youtube videos and the photos, slick as butter. I hope my next order is even better.

Surprisingly shipping was fast!



Hi John

Rrcd the Norseman today. Wow…i really really like it. Its like a Viking gentleman’s knife. I like the size, blade shape, honeycomb texture. Its so light and has fantastic flipping action.

My only critique and a very minor one is that it’s very skinny profile wise for a folder this size. If the scales were slightly thicker, it would add a bit of heft that would make it even more perfect.

I love it. Great job to the brothers Grimsmo.


Jared #006

Hi John, I received Norseman number six in the mail yesterday, and I have to say its not quite up to my expectations nor what I expected.

It’s so much more! I seriously cannot put it down hahah, and I cannot commend your workmanship enough. Bad ass blade shape, super nice gold- bronze anodizing with the orange peel, and the pocket clip is pretty much perfection. The lock up and smoothness are all I could ask as for as well. I’m interested in seeing how the RWL-34 performs as I’m not familiar with it. I look forward to seeing what designs you guys come up with next on KMT and this will not be my last knife from the brothers grimsmo. Thank you again!


Norseman 006 is alive and kicking! I edc it and use it as my work knife very often and love it. The pocket clip is scratched, and the blade has a few love marks as well. The knife has become smooth to the point where it swings freely, and the lock up has settled at around 50% and hasn’t budged.

So all in all my initial excitement was very well placed it seems!