Drop FAQ

Welcome to the Grimsmo Knives drop system FAQ! We have implemented a new cart reserve feature to prevent cart sniping and some assurance on our products. Here is how it works.

- When the counter hits 0 on the top of our website all the products on the drop page will go from "Sold out" to quantity 1.


- Once the products are live it is a first come first serve basis. However we have added a reserve button to the cart to help solidify the first person to reserve has a sale.

If you have successfully reserved an item you screen will look like this! Please note if you have the button that says "Reserved by you" than it is locked in for you until the timer runs out.


This is what the screen will look like if someone else has reserved a product.


So what happens if someone reserves a product but does not end up purchasing it?

Once the timer hits 0 and someone has not purchased it. The product will reset and be able to be reserved once again for another customer to purchase.