CPM 154

An announcement about our blade steel.

We have been using RWL 34 since the beginning of Grimsmo Knives production of Rask and Norseman. We are going to try a run of CPM 154. We want to try an  American steel and are confident that the blade will perform identical to our RWL 34 counterparts. Rest assured RWL 34 will be in circulation again but this will allow us to explore some options and make the best products we can.

There are two reasons for this change. The first is because of the supply of RWL 34, especially due to the global pandemic is lower than expected. We did a lot of research and determined that CPM 154 is the North American alternative to the Swedish RWL 34. Also we have always wanted to try a North American steel. We saw this as a perfect opportunity to take a stab at it LOL!


Team Grimsmo