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If you would like to purchase a Grimsmo Knife or Pen, you have come to the right place!  New products are being created every day, so sign up for one of the Product Interest Lists linked below, and be patient. If your name is selected after filling out the Norseman Product Interest Form, one of two things could happen: 

1) You’re selected for a Norseman from our Maker’s Choice System

  • What is the Maker’s Choice System?
    • Each time a Norseman is completed we put it up through our Maker’s Choice System. Once a product is put up, the system randomly selects a name from the Norseman Product Interest List, and that person is emailed a product purchase link.

2) You’re selected for a Norseman from our Buyer’s Choice System 

  • What is the Buyer’s Choice System?
    • Essentially it works just like our random Maker’s Choice System and utilizes the SAME LIST (so you don’t have to sign up again, although the Rask and Saga list remain separate), except it now gives YOU control to choose your options from the many we provide. Each week, a certain number of names are chosen randomly from the Norseman Product Interest List, and those people are sent a link to a form to fill out their preferred options. Once you fill out this form, the order is printed out to our shop floor, we make the knife, then send you a direct link to purchase the knife. 

Want a knife now? We periodically throw some of our knives up on the website, so check back regularly and you might get lucky.    

Add your name to one or all of the following lists: 

NORSEMAN Product Interest Form

RASK Product Interest Form

THE SAGA Product Interest Form